ruling French virginity

French virginity ruling

Related Stories France says virginity lie shouldn't annul marriage 'Not a virgin' ruling rocks French legal system. France's Justice Minister Rachida Dati, the daughter of North African immigrants, initially supported the annulment, saying it offered the woman a way out of a marriage she may not have wanted. Marriage, they said, was reduced to the status of a commercial transaction in which women could be discarded by husbands claiming to have discovered hidden defects in them. I would have opened a vein before submitting to such undignified scrutiny. But okay, there you are on your honeymoon, and you find out the love of your life isn't a virgin. While many critics argued that the first judgement pandered to a sexist interpretation of Islamother French virginity ruling figures French virginity ruling fault with it on different grounds, openly wondering French virginity ruling it showed that Muslim sharia law was "creeping" into the French secular system.

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