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Types of scoliosis in adults

Scheuermann's kyphosis is a condition in which the front sections of the vertebrae small bones that make up the spine grow more slowly than the back sections during childhood. If the curvature is mild, the deformity is not treated. This imbalance can result in strain on Types of scoliosis in adults hips and knees, the inability to walk a straight line, and falls. Structural scoliosis is typically considered more serious because it does not straighten out on its own and can potentially result in more spinal deformity. Read more Syndromic scoliosis Syndromic scoliosis means that a sideways curve of the spine develops as part of a syndrome. When larger surgeries—those greater than 8 hours—are necessary, surgery may be divided into 2 surgeries Types of scoliosis in adults to 7 days apart.

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